Knowledge-Rich, Diversity-Led Curriculum

Eco and Horticultural Curriculum

Green Team

What does the Green Team do?

The Green Team are responsible for:

  • Switching off unused lights
  • Looking after plants in the classroom
  • Closing open doors so we can keep the heat in
  • Making sure monitors are switched off when not in use
  • Sowing, weeding and watering
  • Taking care of the willow
  • Raking and collecting leaves
  • Harvesting fruit, flowers and vegetables
  • Teaching their friends to look after the environment

Green team assembly

Harvesting radishes

Gardening Club - the Song! 

Before Christmas, gardening club entered the 'Grow on, film it' competition held by Trees for Cities. Unfortunately, we didn't make the shortlist, but we loved making the film so thought we'd share our efforts with you.  The children wrote their own lyrics for our gardening version of '12 Days of Christmas'.  Thanks to Dan and Ed for their help recording the track, and to all the children who took part. Here it is!


Stoneydown Park Expansion

We have exciting news that Stoneydown Park is going to expand and Stoneydown pupils are involved in the project.

The expansion will incorporate the unloved piece of land used for illegal parking along Blackhorse Road into the adjacent Stoneydown Park creating a natural environment that enables wildlife to flourish, provides more space for play and increases the capacity of the park. As part of the proposal the maintenance of the park will be managed to create a natural environment linked to the landscapes of the Lee Valley Regional Park and the Walthamstow Wetlands. Existing areas of grass and the concrete driveway will be transformed into a meadow and native hedges and additional trees will be planted along the busy Blackhorse Road, helping to improve biodiversity and to support existing wildlife on the site.


On 14th March 2019 the architects who are leading the improvement (what if: projects), in collaboration with a group of 16 students from Stoneydown Park, St Patrick’s and Willowfield schools carried out a biodiversity survey. The survey was primarily an opportunity to involve students from local schools in the development of the park. The survey also allows us to measure levels of biodiversity ahead of the development of the site, a further survey following the works on the park will show the effects of the planting of the meadow and the introduction of native trees and hedges on the biodiversity of the site.  You can see our survey report by clicking the link below: 

Biodiversity Survey Report 

We have also been involved in park sign design and painting workshops.  Please click on the report below: 

Sign Painting Workshop Report