Knowledge-Rich, Diversity-Led Curriculum 

Our Curriculum

"The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you." - BB Kingsinger-songwriter


At Stoneydown, we are determined that all our children will make excellent progress in developing the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes needed for high quality learning. 

We provide a balanced curriculum that enables children to use, apply and develop knowledge and skills across the whole curriculum so that our pupils can make connections between different areas of learning.  We apply a creative approach to learning  and teaching that motivates and allows children to express their natural curiosity through stimulating, interconnected topics with investigations that engage their imagination in a context of active enquiry.


Core Values

We are determined that all our children will make excellent progress in developing the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes needed for high quality learning.

We believe that we all learn best when we work together and when lessons are creative and fun. 

We are a vibrant community school. We want children to be  happy, confident, life-long learners and to believe that:

We love being creative with our learning.

  • We think independently and creatively

  • We are all entitled to access to the creative and performing arts

We challenge ourselves – there are no limits to what we can achieve.

  • We are ambitious for our futures and have a love of learning

  • We want to constantly improve

We are at the heart of our community.

  • We welcome and celebrate all our families and cultures

  • We help our community

  • We care for our environment

5 to Thrive: connect, take notice, be active, keep learning, give


Promoting inclusion

When implementing the planned curriculum, we:

  • Present positive images of different religions, cultures and languages, particularly those within our local community

  • Seek to address the needs of all our pupils, including those with special needs, English as an additional language and gifted and talented pupils (see inclusion policy)

  • Use available resources effectively to meet the individual needs of all pupils

  • Actively promote community cohesion 

  • Promote positive behaviour and kindness to others

  • Assess the needs of individual learners to ensure appropriate provision in class and additional support where necessary


Enriching the curriculum

In order to extend learners’ horizons and widen experiences, we

  • plan a wide range of activities that enrich the curriculum

  • use the local environment as a resource

  • plan outings to museums, galleries, places of worships and other venues of historical, cultural or educational interest

  • encourage children to take part in borough sports events and competitions

  • stage special assemblies and other events to celebrate the skills and talents of our pupils

  • invite visitors, including parents, into the school to share their knowledge and expertise

  • sometimes arrange special workshops on-site

  • provide opportunities to see, and participate in, performing arts in school or elsewhere

  • offer learning opportunities before and after school hours

  • make links with neighbouring schools where possible; for example our closest secondary school, Willowfield