Early Years - The Foundation Stage Curriculum

Our aim is to encourage children to be independent learners. We want the children to work towards the early learning goals and develop inquisitive minds so that they can show an interest for the world in which they live. We also want to develop their personal and social skills so they are able to co-operate and share with others. We aim to give each child a positive image of themselves within a setting which values diversity. We use our observations of the children to plan for the following week and to help decide what to include in our learning environment.

We offer early years education based on a play-based curriculum. The document we use in the Early Years is the EYFS Guidance for England which was introduced in September 2012.This has three prime areas which form the focus for our younger children: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. This is supported and developed by the four specific areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design throughout the Early Years. The children are given a judgement at the end of the Reception year for the Profile in these seven areas either as emerging, expected or exceeding. 

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Learning in The Nursery

Helicopter Stories

 We have been using the helicopter technique to tell our stories. Here are some of the comments from parents regarding helicopter stories: 

Loved the helicopter stories ! How inspiring.

Seeing how stories come to life, was good to get a feel of my child in class. Very good information on writing and the helicopter stores.

Really liked seeing the stories they had written and came to life through the children’s participation. 

The Early Years classes shared their Helicopter stories and dramatized them with the parents. Then the parents spent time trying out with their children  a range of mark making activities.


Nursery Writing Day

Nursery had a wide range of mark making activities for our school focus on Little Red Riding Hood.


We had a variety of activities both inside and out, looking at change, growth, and changes. We had many activities to promote questioning. We have been focusing on asking how questions.

Parents commented:

Very good the children have enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot… you are doing a great job.

There was a good range of activities

Great variety and very imaginative