Year 5




Year 5 - Cycle B - Autumn 2: Curriculum Overview 

Year 5 - Cycle B - Autumn 2: Project Homework  

Year 5 - Cycle B - Autumn 1: Curriculum Overview 

Year 5 and 6 Victorian Immersion Day

As part of their curriculum topic 'Challenges', Year 5 and 6  took part in a fully immersive Victorian Day. All the children arrived promptly in full Victorian costume, ready to be whipped into shape by a very scary-looking bunch of Victorian teachers. Firstly, they attended an assembly, in which they recited the Lords prayer and sang the National Anthem. Following this, they returned upstairs - in strict silence - to take part in Victorian themed classes including sewing, handwriting and drawing. Later in the morning, some unfortunate children were forced to attend the workhouse where they made match boxes and unravelled string with only a bowl of gruel to keep them sustained. After a miserable lunch of more gruel, the children were encouraged to write to Queen Victoria to propose a few changes to her regime. Finally, certificates were given out and everyone congratulated themselves on a job well done.  

More pictures from our Victorian day here.

 Year 5 and the Nowhere Emporium

Year 5 children from Stoneydown and Coppermill took part in a joint immersive text day based around their class novel The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. Teachers from both schools worked together to plan activities including filming with ipads, using a green screen and creating secret bottles in art. We even managed to squeeze in a visit to the circus and the rainforest! This was a great way to inspire the children with their writing.