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Summer Reading Challenge 


What inspires over 800,000 children to read for pleasure every summer?




Every year the challenge has a new theme and this year it's Animal Agents.

It combines FREE access to books with fun, creative activities in the library. Throughout the Challenge, library staff and teenage volunteers support the children, helping them to discover new authors and to explore a wide range of different types of books and ways of reading.

1. Children sign up at their local library and receive an Animal Agents collector folder.

2. Children read six library books of their own choice during the summer, collecting incentives along the way - all FREE!

3. At can share book recommendations using the Book Sorter.

4. Children who complete the Challenge get a certificate and/or a medal.


 Visit your local library and join up now!

So enjoy reading this summer. Remember to bring in your certificates and medals in September so that we can celebrate your Summer Reading Challenge with you.​

Timings of the school day

Nursery: 08.45 – 11.45 / 12.45-15.45 

Infants: 09.00 – 15.30

Juniors: 08.50 – 15.20                                       

Lunch Times:  12.15-13.15 (Both Sites) 

Parent/Toddler Group 


3 of our parents, Melanie, Sajida and Amina,  kindly volunteer to run a Parent Toddler group.  Melanie has lots of previous experience in doing this and she, Sajida and Amina really looking forward to
the meetings as this is a great opportunity to meet other mums and dads and for the toddlers to make friends too.
Please do come along with your toddler and join in!
If you have any toys or equipment you could donate, that would be very welcome.

Here are the details: 
· Mondays 09:00 – 10:30, Junior hall
· Starting first week of each term 
· £1 per family per session
Thank you so much, Melanie, Sajida and Amina!

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