Polo Shirts



Emerald green polo shirt

Charcoal Shorts


Charcoal shorts

Charcoal Trousers


Charcoal trousers



Head scarfs (emerald green or navy blue)

Charcoal pinafore

Charcoal pinafore

Navy Blue Sweatshirt/ Cardigan

Navy blue sweatshirt/ cardigan

Blue Gingham dress



Blue gingham dress

Girls shoes





Plain black shoes/ trainers

Black Sandals





Navy blue, blue, green, black,  grey or white. 

School Shoes





Plain black shoes/ trainers

Emerald green/ Navy blue Caps

Emerald green/ navy blue caps

Emerald green/ navy blue legionnaire caps


School bag


School badge



The emerald green polo shirt and school embroidered badge can be purchased at the school office using parent pay. Please see below for sizing and prices. 

The navy blue sweatshirt, cardigans and book bags can be purchased online with Tesco. Please click here for further information or search for "Tesco Embroidered Uniforms".

During colder weather the children are permitted to wear a long sleeve navy vest/t-shirt underneath the emerald green polo shirt. Any other colour will not be considered the correct uniform.




Polo Shirts
Size 20-26 £4.00
Size 28-32 £4.50
Size 34-38 £4.60