Teacher: Shianne St Louis 

Science Museum

We visited the Science Museum to learn all about 'The Body'. We got the chance to explore the museum and go to the ‘Who am I?’ exhibition. We were able to explore the science of who we are through intriguing objects, interesting artworks and hands-on exhibits.




 In Swallow Class, we work hard to develop our understanding of number. We began by learning place value to 10 and soon we will go to 100! We have used various resources to help us to count forwards and backwards,  find number bonds and fact families. We are currently learning how to count in steps of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. 


We use Pie Corbett techniques to help us write a tremendous amount. Which helps us to plan and rehearse a piece of writing. We use actions to retell stories and what we call ‘Story Maps’ to help them to plan or retell a story using pictures and key words. Once we complete the plan, we begin to write, edit and improve our work. Sometimes we even get the chance to publish our incredible writing!