Teacher: Madeline Edmunds                                                  Teaching Assistant: Asma Shafiq  

Spring 1

Starling class had the wonderful pleasure of meeting up with their paired class from the infant site - Swallow. The children from Starling read a short book to the year one class as well as their current piece of writing - all about the 'Search for Tutankhamun's tomb'. Not only did this provide them with the opportunity for some feedback but it also gave their work purpose. It was clear a lovely time was had by all!


Autumn 2

For our 'Communicate to Celebrate' Topic we visited the Postal Museum. We had a wonderfully informative time learning all about the history of the Post Office. We dressed up in different uniforms, operated the pneumatic delivery machine and found out about the different modes of transport used by Post Officers throughout the years.

We even got the chance to ride on the Mail train - a one hundred year old mail delivery service. It was a fascinating experience! 


Autumn 1

In English this term, we studied Cloud Tea Monkeys by Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham. In groups, we created freeze frames to portray the moment the Royal Tea-Taster arrived at the plantation. We also used a technique called thought tracking. This required us to come up with key words to describe the character’s thoughts and feelings.