Teacher: Nabiha Mansour

Tower of London 

At the Tower of London, we learnt about the Gunpowder Plot when we travelled back in time: 400 years! We saw the Crown Jewels and visited the armour exhibition in the White Tower. We hid under the Houses of Parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder and firewood with Guy Fawkes, and we were taken to the Tower and tortured like Guy Fawkes, who was pulled by his arms and legs (which is why his signature was so wobbly on his confession!)


We have learnt lots of stories in Year 1 so far! By using Pie Corbett techniques, we learn stories with actions and then we draw 'Story Maps' to help us remember and retell them. We always draw the plan using pictures and key words and then it's a piece of cake to write them. We have become masters of sequencing and retelling but our favourite part is definitely rehearsing and performing our stories.


In Sparrow Class, we work really hard to develop our understanding of numbers up to 10. We have used various resources to help us to count forwards and backwards,  find number bonds and fact families. We really enjoyed our lessons outside where we consolidated our knowledge of number bonds. We have recently learnt adding and we are becoming to understand subtraction within 10.


Art lessons in Sparrow Class are real fun! We absolutely loved learning about warm and cold colours, experimenting and mixing them. We also enjoyed making collages and we even used natural resources that we picked outside. In D&T we learnt how to construct a skeleton with moving arms and legs.



In Science, we learnt all about our bodies and senses. We had a great deal of fun when we labelled parts of our bodies and we really enjoyed testing our sense of smell by smelling different scents with our eyes closed. We also visited the Science Museum where we got the chance to explore the museum and go to the ‘Who am I?’ exhibition. We were able to explore the science of who we are through intriguing objects and interesting artwork.