Teacher: Ilka Najam

Jack and the Beanstalk - News Report

In English, we performed a news report about the sudden growth of the ‘Baked Beanstalk’ in the middle of New York City.

First, we discussed the roles that usually occur in a news report – presenter, anchor, witness, etc. Then, in groups we planned and practised our news report in our selected roles. The presenters had to make the news report interesting by using dramatic language. The anchor had to make sure that they had a set of interview questions (using the 5 W's: Who, What, Where, When and Why) and the witness had to answer the questions as if they had witnessed the whole disaster.


Then, we all performed our news reports to the class. We even used backdrops and music to make it seem like a real studio!  


India Day

We had lots of fun exploring our India topic and we all made some incredibly creative response pieces for our topic homework. We concluded this topic by taking part in India day. We were able to immerse ourselves in the world of spices, dance, food, pattern and colourful clothing. Skylark class hosted the Indian fashion segment of India day. We had lots of fun trying on vibrant clothing and colourful jewellery. We made turbans by wrapping scarves around our heads and put on embroidered shirts and trousers. Putting on colourful bangles made us feel rich and like a member of the Indian royal family!


 After dressing up, we posed for our photos and designed frames for them using henna patterns. This day made us feel like we were in India and we had so much fun!


Roman Numerals

In Maths, we have learnt about Roman Numerals. First we discussed how Roman numerals are different to the Hindu-Arabic numerals that are currently used around the world. Then, we found out that Romans never had a zero because the system was not based on place value!

To convert Roman numerals to the Hindu-Arabic numerals, we had to convert the symbols then check if the smaller number was to the right. If it was, we added it to the larger number to find the value of the Roman numeral. If the smaller number was to the left, we subtracted it from the larger number.


 We had lots of fun working with our partners to match the Roman numerals to the Hindu-Arabic numerals. We also worked together to solve number problems written in Roman numerals!