Teacher: Allen Gross & Ross Compton (Teach First)

Autumn 2

Postal Museum Trip

For your topic, 'Communicate to Celebrate', we got to explore the Postal Museum and travel on the secret underground mail rail. It was both scary and informative. Did you know that at its peak the mail rail under London carried over 4 million letters a day? We got to use a vacuum tube to pass notes and also got to see the very first stamp, the penny black.


Autumn 1

Neasden Temple Trip

For our India topic, we traveled to the Neasden temple and got to explore Hinduism. We learnt about how the temple was created, what Hindus believe and witnessed a prayer ceremony. It was very interesting and felt like we had left the UK and traveled to India.

The Temple                                         Exploring the temple


This term we have been studying light. We have carried out experiments to find out if a material is opaque, translucent or transparent. We have also explored the reflective properties of different surfaces and how light travels.