Teacher: Matthew Pizer 

We have been learning about the life of Olympic athlete Jesse Owens. We learnt so much about his incredibly emotional story. Here we are preparing interviews for when he won 4 gold medals at the Olympics. First, we worked as a team to write a script. Then we performed in front of the class. It really was a lot of fun! We love performing!

We learnt about teeth and healthy eating. In this experiment, we were observing which foods had the most fat in. First, we discussed which foods we thought contained the most fat. Then we rubbed the foods on sugar paper. The fatty foods made the sugar paper transulesent. Even Mat had a go!

 Here we are practising for the Stoneydown poetry competition. We chose to perform “The Lion” by Roald Dahl. First, we looked at different choral performances of poems. Then we used some of the techniques to create our own choral performances. We loved creating the movements and experimenting with different voices.