Teacher: Shianne St Louis 


Science Museum Trip

Last term, our topic was on ‘Homes’, so the whole of Key Stage 1 had a great opportunity to go to the Science Museum. We got to look at evolution of home appliances in the ‘The Secret Life of Homes’ exhibition and a range of materials and their uses in the ‘Challenge of Materials’. Through all the various interactive activities at the museum, we were able to expand on our knowledge and understanding of purposes of different homes.


In art, Swallow Class having been exploring different techniques to represent the theme of homes. We began with simple line drawing to help us with the structure of a home, which evolved to creating fantastic collages of different types of homes. Once we were able to design a home, we then began to build our own. We designed the wallpaper through ICT, moulded furniture with clay and then ended our building with brick designing.



In maths, we have been looking at place value. We have learnt how to sequence and order numbers up to 20 (perfectly). In addition to this, we have been learning the different synonyms for subtraction, addition and equals. We also have been practising how to write number words and count in 2s, and 10s.