Teacher: Martina Liskova 


Storytelling – Three Little Pigs

We had a fantastic time retelling the Three Little Pigs – we used lots of actions to help us remember the words and we drew story maps that helped with retelling the whole story! Then we learned how to write instructions and we all enjoyed using bossy words when giving instructions to our friends. At the end of term, we learned a poem and performed it in our whole school poetry competition.



We have been doing lots and lots of fun activities to help us with counting and we also played games that we enjoyed very much. We really love singing so we learned some counting songs and then we played ping pong to help us remember number bonds to 10. We also worked hard to improve our number formation and now we can read, write and count numbers up to 20 really well!


Science – Exploring Materials

We have been exploring various materials and describing their properties using some fabulous vocabulary. We also tried to work like real scientists and we did lots of experiments. We built houses for the Three Little Pigs and the big bad wolf came to the school and tried to blow them down… Luckily, he was not successful and all of our houses survived his mighty blow!