Teacher: Jolanta Balciuniene 

Beginning our journey in Nursery

"I like playing in the garden, going on the slide."  Jake"I like playdough, I like making some shapes."  Ayra"I like drawing my mum. My mummy is growing a baby." Dinah"I like playing with money, buy bananas. 100 is bigger than some numbers but not all." Xavi

Here are a few photos!

The journey continues... We play, laugh and learn!

 We had an exciting day in the Nursery exploring mark making activities with our parents!


This half term's topic is Monsters.  We enjoyed reading "The Gruffalo" story and made  our own monsters.
During P.E. lessons the children re-enacted movements of the characters in the story accompanied by the sounds of different musical instruments.
We went to the local supermarket to get the ingredients to make Monster sandwiches and talked about the importance of healthy eating
We continue to have fun and learn new things!

Chinese New Year class assembly

Having fun in the snow!

We enjoy learning about plants. After reading "Jasper's Beanstalk" we planted our own broad beans. We looked after them and watched them grow taller every day.

World Book Day

We dressed up as characters from  Julia Donaldson's story and had a lovely time sharing our favourite stories with Year 4 children.