Teacher: Georgia Winter 

Gosh - we have been really busy already this term in Owl Class! We’ve been getting to know each other through lots of songs and games which help to develop our social and emotional resilience. Part of this is sharing and taking turns when we are playing with our friends.

 We have been working on our coordination and our fine and gross motor control through lots of fun activities.



We’ve been enjoying being imaginative through role play.


Taking care of ourselves and being safe is a really important area we are working on all the time in Reception, from equipment, to food, rules and routines.



We have enjoyed our different art activities and, as well as all our great opportunities for being creative, we can work on lots of other skills too such as looking carefully and cutting, painting and drawing skills.


We enjoy working on number, shape, writing and reading too. We also have lots of fun using technology and exploring the world.