Teacher: Saba Iqbal 

Children used their journalistic skills to write newspaper reports about a mysterious event at Stoneydown Park. Follow the link below to have a look at the children's great writing and publishing:

During our Freedom topic, we learnt all about apartheid in South Africa. In English we read and re-told parts of the book 'Journey to Jo'burg'. Using drama, we brought the characters of the story to  life. We researched about the key events in Nelson Mandela's life and also found out about other freedom fighters like Rosa Parks. Some of us continued our research at home for our homework projects.

In Science, we carried our some investigations but our most favourite one was the 'mouldy bread' experiment. We investigated what variables would effect the bread the most. 

Docklands Museum Trip  

Years 5 and 6 visited the Docklands Museum to learn more about slavery as part of their ‘Freedom' topic.  Having been introduced to the idea of the slave trade in class, the children's minds were whirling with questions. Why had this been allowed to happen? How was it stopped? Are there still slaves today? The children set off to the museum keen to find out more. They were amazed to be met by a woman who introduced herself as Ellen Craft and explained that she had been a slave herself until her daring escape across American and eventually by boat to Britain. She convincingly described the conditions of her life and her anger at her lack of freedom. She explained to the children that, as a pale skinned slave, she had been able to disguise herself as a white man enabling her to make her way to safety. The children were so convinced by her story that they were shocked to find out that this was a tale from long ago told by a superb actress! They were sure they had met the real Ellen Craft. After the story-telling show, the children explored the artifacts in the museum before retracing their journey back through the docklands of London, back to the 21st century and their lives of freedom.