Teacher: Hilary Ebden         

Foundation Stage Officer: Stevie Dunning


Heron class assembly was a version of "The Tin Forest" by Helen Ward. The children were great and used loud voices to project to the back of the hall. It made us all think about what we might wish for and what is important to us. Many of the children decided their family and friends were the most important things for them.

 Freightliners Farm

Heron class had a great time visiting the farm. We loved seeing all the animals and learning about what we use the animals for. We also learnt how to make felt. It took us much longer than we expected but we were very pleased with the finished results.

Some of the children were surprised their shoes and sandals were made from cow skin. They were fascinated to find out how the different fur and feathers protect the animals we saw.   

Some of the children wanted to write instructions so they could remember how to make felt another time. 

These children wrote these instructions independently. 

At the end of the Spring term we discussed what we would like for our next role-play area. Then we had a vote and kept a tally to make it easier to count the votes. The top idea was a yellow submarine with and underwater world. Stevie made an amazing yellow submarine and we  enjoyed singing along with the Beetles to this song. 

 We had a great time at The Race For Life event. We discussed how the charity would use the money we raised to help health professionals to support people suffering with cancer.

We enjoyed our Sports Day, and had a wide variety of  events such as; javelin, long jump, shot put, and an exciting obstacle course. The best part was when the parents joined in with the sack race.

  We have been making our own number lines, ordering numbers and counting in 2's. 

Our Police Station Role-play Area.

We managed to solve a mystery.... One day we found some mysterious footprints in our classroom. As we looked around for more clues, we found a mobile phone, some keys and the string from a bag of oranges!!


We then started to investigate who could have left these items in our room. We decided the footprint was quite long and wide. We checked Hilary's and Stevie's foot size. They were shorter. The children worked out it could be one of three suspects:  Mark our Site Officer, Saf our Finance Office or Dan the music teacher.

We called for back up. One by one we interviewed the suspects and we found.....only Mark's shoe fitted and it was his mobile phone and keys. Mystery solved. Mark was locked up in our cell for 5 minutes!

 We also enjoyed a trip to Walthamstow Wetlands where we found all sorts of minibeasts living in the soil, on plants and under logs.



The children enjoyed exploring the snow and watching as their marks vanished.



 The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite character from a Julia Donaldson story.


The children have enjoyed taking on the different roles in our Chinese Take Away role-play area: chef, customer and receptionist. 

The children cooked their own stir fry to celebrate Chinese New Year. The results were very tasty!

We read the story of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, making puppets and thinking about all the different characters and where they lived. A highlight was visiting The  Discovery Centre and exploring many of her stories.

 We have been exploring doubling numbers practically. The children enjoyed making birthday cakes with candles and then doubling it!

The children have been writing about monsters and thinking about how sad they would be if they were ignored like Bernard in " Not Now Bernard."  by David Mckee. We have been talking about re-reading our work to check it was what we wanted to say and segmenting the sounds we can hear in our words we want to write. Have alook at our great writing.

Mark Making Day 

We had a mark-making session with our parents which was exciting for the children. The parents talked to staff about how to use talk for writing and dramatic play to support and develop children’s ideas for storytelling. We looked at a wide range of activities: gel, play dough, using ribbons outside and arranging stones. The parents enjoyed themselves sharing these activities with their children.


We learnt how to programme Bee Bots. We had to remember to cancel the previous commands.


 We have a Vet as our role-play area. It has been a busy time answering the phone to fit all the appointments in.


We love counting! The children have used wild animals, the counting stick and coins to support them.



When we had a forest as our role-play area, we enjoyed exploring the insects we found and are also having picnics in there. We  used magnifying glasses and binoculars to help us.

Reading and writing

We have been writing our names when we use the computer and looking at books in the book corner. We are learning how to sort the books into story and information books.


We have been building all sorts of buildings and measuring them to see who will fit in.