Teacher: Hilary Ebden         

Foundation Stage Officer: Stevie Dunning

Mark Making Day 

We had a mark-making session with our parents which was exciting for the children. The parents talked to staff about how to use talk for writing and dramatic play to support and develop children’s ideas for storytelling. We looked at a wide range of activities: gel, playdough, using ribbons outside and arranging stones. The parents enjoyed themselves sharing these activities with their children.


We learnt how to programme Bee Bots. We had to remember to cancel the previous commands.


 We have a Vet as our role-play area. It has been a busy time answering the phone to fit all the appointments in.



We love counting. The children have used wild animals, the counting stick and coins to support them.



When we had a forest as our role-play area, we enjoyed exploring the insects we found and are also having picnics in there. We  used magnifying glasses and binoculars to help us.

Reading and writing

We have been writing our names when we use the computer and looking at books in the book corner. We are learning how to sort the books into story and information books.


We have been building all sorts of buildings and measuring them to see who will fit in.