Teacher: Sarah Baker 

Summer Term

We have been very busy with our learning and play this term! Sarah continues to be blown away by the learning that her Cuckoos are doing in all areas especially their reading and writing skills. Our children are learning how to put all of their learning together over the past terms to help them learn how to read their very own books. It has been an exciting and rewarding experience watching the children grow in both their abilities and confidence.

Tate Modern Trip

On Tuesday the 12th of June we visited the Tate Modern to explore all of the different types of artwork in the gallery. We are learning all about colours, composition and choices of materials. It was such a great day and we can't wait to start creating our own pieces of art at school.

Reception Sports Day

On Thursday the 10th of May we had our first ever sports day. We took part in jumping, throwing and balancing activities in the morning and then moved onto the running races where some of our parents joined in in a sack race! Well done to all of the children for giving it their best.


Race for Life

We loved taking part in our very first Race for Life event. We helped raise money for Cancer Research by getting sponsored for the run. The weather was fantastic and so many of us ran for the entire race including some of our parents!

Our Class Assembly

On Friday the 27th of April we performed in our class assembly. For some of us it was our very first one and you wouldn't have known. All of our cuckoos made us very proud with their confidence and awesome acting. We wrote our own script together as a class and created the decorations for the hall. Below is the beginning of our story:

Late one night the children in Cuckoo class were sleeping and the evil baddies broke in and stole their parents. They secretly snuck behind their parents and grabbed them and tied them up and put them into their secret van.

They sped vert fast away to their secret lair because they had boosters on their van.

Early the next morning they woke up and they don't know where their parents were...


Walthamstow Wetlands Trip

We walked all the way to the Walthamstow Wetlands! We had such an amazing time where we got to explore the area for different insects, invertebrates and species of plants. Thank you to all of our parent helpers who came on the day. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

What are wetlands?

  • "Where insects and things live. They live on the leaves and the grass." - Wojciech
  • "Because it's wet and there's loads of plants. The water from the lakes - there's loads of water there. One wetlands connects to the other wetlands by the river. The water's going really fast and it's not safe to swim in." - Jackson.

Why do they live in those habitats?

  • "Because it's cold and wet." - Wojciech
  • "They like to live near the water and the worms like wet." - Max
  • "Worms like mud and dirt because it's wet and when they dry they die." - Robin


This term we have been learning about the sequence of our stories. Can we use the story to create 'movies' inside our imaginations? What words and pictures help us to create our own pictures and images? How can these help us explain in our own words the beginning, middle and end?

Below are some examples of our children planning their own stories based on the story Jack and the Beanstalk.

Sarah and Shabana were so amazed at the language the children in Cuckoo are using to describe their characters and their actions.


World Book Day

On Thursday the 1st of March our fabulous Cuckoos dressed as a character from their favourite Julia Donaldson book. We had some absolutely amazing outfits  from Zog to the Highway rat. We would like to thank everyone for making such a huge effort in your costumes. We had a wonderful story teller in the morning and were given the opportunity to buddy read with Chiffchaff class in the afternoon.


As the children explore their number through play we can see their thought processes and how we can either elaborate or extend them. Here a child has sorted into colour groups the keys he has been playing with. He then decided to count in groups of 5!


We are learning all about weight. How do we measure weight? What language do we use when talking about weight? Can we estimate the weight of our objects before measuring them?

As we explored our children discovered how to use measuring scales and the curiosity of several children led to the discovery of 'liquids' and 'solids'. Often our learning through play takes us on learning journeys through self discovery and curiosity.

Discover Centre Trip

We went to Stratford for a story-telling session based on the learning we are doing about the Grufallo story written by Julia Donaldson. We learnt that there is 'A world inside a book' and how we can explore new worlds and ideas just by immersing ourselves in the many fantastic stories and picture books there are. After our session we were lucky enough to have the sun shining outside for us to also explore their outside play area.

Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who came with us on the day we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


What a fantastic start to our shapes learning this term. We are continuing to explore the properties of our shapes moving into measures and how this is part of our day to day lives. We are learning about length and how we can measure this using everyday objects found within our very own classroom.

Maths and Numbers

Shabana and Sarah are continually amazed at the progress our Cuckoo's are making in their knowledge of number. This spring term we have been learning about adding, subtracting, doubling and halving. Not only are our children focused and enthusiastic during our focus lessons on the carpet they are excited to be practicing and building upon their skills in choosing sessions.

Our Book Area

We love reading books that take us inside different worlds. Our children absolutely love to read and often enjoy time in our book area. This term we are learning to find our high frequency words in our book corner picture books and to understand the sequence of stories. What is the story about? Who are our characters within the story? What events does the author tell us about in the beginning, middle and end?

What Makes You a Super Star?

We believe in celebrating what makes each and every one of us unique and special at Stoneydown so in Cuckoo class we created our very own Super stars that celebrate what makes us individually amazing. We are proud of our children and how they are able to identify specific examples of their uniqueness.

Keeping Safe at Home

Inspired by our trip last term to the Fire station we are learning about fire hazards at home. What objects in our kitchens can cause fire and why? We are also learning what to do and how to keep ourselves and our families safe in the event of a fire in our homes. We talked to our parents about designing  a map of our homes and a fire escape plan.

Writing and the Grufallo

With such a fantastic book how could we not describe the main character the Grufallo. Our children are progressing very well in writing and are able to use their initial sounds and high frequency words to help them write now independently. Please read some of their wonderful Grufallo descriptions.

Puppet Show

We were very fortunate to have one of the parents from Heron class to come and entertain us with her puppet show based on our story this term Cinderella. It was a lot of fun and we all got a chance to take part. it has certainly given Sarah and Shabana inspiration for next term!

Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

This term we are learning how to wash our hands properly and why we need to do this. Take a look at some of our comments below:

Here are some of the answers Cuckoo's gave to the following questions:


Why do we wash our hands?

"Because you get germs and you will spread it and get sick"



"Because if you don't wash your hands you'll get germs and it will make you poorly".

When do we wash our hands?

"When we get home from outside also when it's lunchtime and we also wash our hands when we go to the toilet or pick our nose.


"When you wipe your bottom and go to the toilet".

"When you pick your nose and you go to eat like jelly".

How do we wash our hands?

"Water first then soap and then you do this (interlocks fingers) then this (shows thumbs then backs of hands) and then some more water. The germs go away then you dry your hands".


"You have to rinse with water then put soap on and you have to put it in between your fingers on the palm of your hands and your thumbs. You rinse them and dry your hands".


We love to read in Cuckoo class and have been reading a lot of our favourite picture books. Any chance we get during choosing, we like Sarah and Shabana to read to us. They can't wait for us to learn to read so we can read to them too. We decided to draw the front covers of our favourite books for our current book corner. Take a look at some of our fabulous front covers!





Our Mini Einsteins

We are learning how to recognise numbers 0-20, how to read the numerals and how we can show their quantities. Some of our children already know how to write some of their numbers!


We are learning how to use a mouse on the computer and how to use the interactive whiteboard. While doing this we have also learnt how to sort objects into groups. The children had to work out what it was they were grouping and ‘how’ they were going to group each object, whether this be colour, shape or by animals.

Outdoor Exploring and Play

As part of the early years curriculum, our children are given the opportunity to explore and play in our outdoor area. They absolutely love it and are often found working together as a team and creating their own games and activities.

 All about Shapes and Measures

We use many play based methods to learn about shapes. Here are some of the amazing creations from our Cuckoos. There is always a great story behind their creations and some of our children are beginning to show a fantastic understanding of the weight of objects found in our very own classroom.