Year 5


Teacher: Katy Weston & Alice Daultrey



Teacher: Kylie McKinight & Nitisha Demart

Maths Games Day

On Wednesday 15th March it was Maths Games Day at Stoneydown Park. The children spent the day designing, making and playing their own maths games. They had lots of fun whilst being creative and practising maths all at the same time. At the end of the day they played their games and everyone felt proud of their achievements. 

Trip to the Natural History Museum

On Monday 13th March, Year 5 and 6 set off to become Earth scientists at the Natural  History Museum. We begun the exploration by ascending through a huge, fiery model of planet Earth travelling on what seemed like a never-ending escalator. Once at the top, we saw amazing sights including real pieces of volcanic rock and a heat-resistant suit. Terrifyingly, we were able to experience the Japanese earthquake at first hand as the ground shook beneath us in the grocery store. After lunch we attended a lecture where we were mistaken for real scientists and challenged to save a city from a volcanic eruption. All the children enjoyed the experience and were rewarded with a play in Hyde Park in the sunshine. 

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Topic overviews for parents

Year 5 - Cycle B-Autumn 1

Year 5- Cycle B-Autumn 2

Year 5- Cycle B - Spring 1

Year 5- Cycle B- Spring 2

Year 5 - Cycle B - Summer 1

Year 5 - Cycle B - Summer 2


Hansel and Gretel 

Year 5's writing and illustrations inspired by the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’

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Why can’t my child skip their 20 minutes reading tonight?

Child A reads for 

20 minutes each day.

That’s 3,600 minutes in a school year.

Child B reads for 

5 minutes each day.

That’s 900 minutes in a school year.

Child C reads for 

1 minute each day.

That’s 180 minutes in a school year.

1, 800, 000 words


282, 000 words


8,000 words

Which child would you expect to have a better vocabulary? 

Which child would you expect to be more successful in school…and in life?