Teacher: Bethany Howard

welcome to Wagtail class, please see below details of our activities so far:


During our English topic, we were basing our writing on a story, 'The Cloud Tea Monkeys'. To enhance our vocabulary based around tea, we had an afternoon of tea tasting. We focused on adjectives to describe the aroma and taste. This immersive experience aided us in using powerful adjectives to describe the tea in our writing! 


In India there are two main patterns: paisley and rangoli. We explored the colours used, thought about how themes could be represented in them and then created a final design. This was then translated into weaving using wool. We had to be extremely precise when gathering the colours together. 



In our 'Hansel and Gretel' topic, we focused on pop up cards. To create this complicated devise, we learnt a number of skills in stages and then combined them. This is out pop out arm mechanism. 'Hansel's 'supposedly' bony  fingers to trick the witch that he was ready to be eaten!' 

This was an exciting time for us, some of us had never used clay before! We worked with our teacher, step by step to create a portrait of a character from Hansel and Gretel. We were very careful at using specific skills to make it as realistic as possible! 


We were  lucky enough to have a show on electricity performed to us on our trip to the Science Museum! We collaborated with one of the scientists to take part in an experiment based on the conductivity of materials! It was extremely fun and informative! 




We have explored a variety of skills in art this year. This was where we had made a plaster mould of our ancient Egyptian cartouches and here we are adding the final touches of colour to the design. 





It is important for the children to take note of their surroundings, especially season change. During science, we went out into the playground and make close observations of the trees, flowers and animals.



We love drama in our class, especially when we can turn a concept that is tricky into something that's easily understandable! We retold the story of Akhenaten from ancient Egypt, this helped us to understand the role of each character and how it affected civilisation. 


  Year 4 Hansel and Gretel

Click here to see some of our writing and illustrations inspired by the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’