Teacher: Natasha Connors 


 World Book Day 

World book day was a lot of fun! Everyone dressed up in their pajamas and we spent the whole day focusing on our reading and how great it can be!  We went and read with year one, we were very impressed with their reading skills and hoped they enjoyed listening to our favourite books too.  We then did some 'extreme reading', where the children enjoyed reading whilst going down the slide, climbing on the climbing frame and playing football. We can read anywhere and everywhere!  In the afternoon, a story-teller visited us to bring some stories to life, which helped us to understand that stories are not simply confined the pages of a book.   




Art Still Life 

In art, we sketched still life  exploring Cubist techniques. To do this we looked at the arrangement from a variety different angles.



Maths Games Day 

On Maths games day we spent the day designing, building and playing our very own maths games! We tested out some popular games to give us ideas and then planned our own game.  We then made our own games.  It was very interesting, creative and really fun!  We can't wait to play with them again! 



We have been considering our environment carefully this term.  We have been observing over time, which means we have had trips to the park and into the playground to look at our surroundings and see the changes that are occurring.  We have also done some very detailed drawings of the things we found.  We also took part in the 'bling a bottle' competition, which was run by the Green Team. We had fun 'blinging our bottles' to come up with unique uses for old plastic bottles. 


Tate Modern Trip 

We visited the Tate Modern to look at Cubist art.  We focused particularly on Picasso and his use of colour based on impressionism.  We sketched our own versions of cubist art looking at different angles. 

 Year 4 Hansel and Gretel 

Click here to see some of our writing and illustrations inspired by the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’