In Heron Class we have had a Castle. When we rode in there on our horse we made sure we wrote invitations to our friends to come and visit us. Some people even tried to climb up the vines.


We visited the local Fire Station. When we were there we had fun squirting the hose and some of us got very wet. We climbed into the cab and Adam’s dad even dressed up as a Fire Fighter.


We made our own Fire Station in our room. We all had ID badges before we could go to work. We looked at fire engines and talked about what we knew and had learnt about Firefighters.

We were inventive on Maths day. Some children made games with egg boxes and ping Pong balls. Others made up games outside rolling balls down the guttering. We even had a large scale track game big enough for Beanies to be counters on.


In Heron class the children help to decide and set up the activities. Some children made a small world scenario with Superhero’s. Then we made up several stories involving a Smurf and a Power Ranger. Come and see the story outside our room.

We have been ordering numbers to 20 alone and in small groups. Luckily we have plenty of Velcro.



Some children wrote letters on their own to say thanks you to the PTA for organising the Race For life event we all enjoyed ion the local park.


We had a Builder’s yard as a role-play area. We measured and built lots of different models.