Cuckoo’s Amazing Assembly - The Wizard's Lost Powers 

This year our fantastic children came up with their own assembly script which they called Lost Powers. Our main characters included a wizard who had lost his magical powers, break dancing bats, poisonous ghosts and angry confused dragon who turned out to be rather quite spectacular.


Healthy Eating

In Cuckoo class we have been learning about what is in our food and what we can eat to help our healthy bodies and minds grow. Here are some examples of a healthy balanced meal. Some of us had this to say about what is in our food;

Jacob “Vitamins are really good things for you, we can find it in carrots, oranges, broccoli and also other vegetables”

Kasper “Protein helps us grow strong”

Tyler “Chicken is really good, because it’s healthy. It makes you grow up like an adult. Sweetcorn is good for you it’s a vegetable”

We also drew still life cross section sketches of fruit and vegetables. Some of our Cuckoo’s are extraordinary artists!

Missing Bird

This term we have been inspired to write about our missing Cuckoo bird! We wrote descriptions of our bird and missing posters to help us find them.

Fraser had an excellent idea to create stickers for job roles in the hunt to find Tuckoo the Cuckoo too! We used a sticker template to create our own and decided as a group what the roles would be.




Race for Life

On Tuesday the 25th of April all of the students at Stoneydown took part in the Race for Life to help raise money for Cancer Research Society.

We all came dressed in our pinkest of pink clothes to race around the park for 10 minutes. I was so very proud of all Cuckoo class members and their parents as they ran as many laps of the park as they could without stopping.

Well done to some of the fittest members of Stoneydown Park Primary School!




One World Assembly - Africa

As part of celebrating our One World at Stoneydown we learnt all about Tanzania. We learnt how to say different phrases in Swahili which is the official language of Tanzania. We also studied the different types of animals found in Tanzania and used this as inspiration to create our own pieces of art. Please come and visit our classroom to see them on display they are fantastic and show a lot of the hard work of our children in Cuckoo class.



This spring term we have been learning how to make jottings when recording in maths. We are learning how to choose our own to show a number of our choice and also how to use materials to record the different lengths of objects. Every week we are getting better and better at writing our numbers and understanding their values. Shabana and I are so impressed with our budding mathematicians in Cuckoo class.


Spring Term Writing

The first half of this term has been all about the Three Little Pigs. We have been using Pie Corbett techniques in the delivery of teaching writing to our reception classes and this has helped a tremendous amount in the early stages of writing development. Our children use actions to retell stories and what we call ‘Story Maps’. Please see some excellent examples below:



In Cuckoo class we love to use construction to build and learn about our shapes. We have been learning about the different properties of 2D and 3D shapes and how we can use the language of shape to describe what we have made. Some of our students went as far as making their very own 3D shapes, aren’t they amazing!

 All about number                            

There are so many different ways to learn about number. In our class we are learning so much that it is hard to keep up with how fast the children’s brains are growing!

We are learning how to recognise and read numbers, how to count out the correct quantities, which numbers come before and after, counting in 2’s and the list goes on.


Our students are fast becoming such amazing writer’s. They have been working hard at learning their letter sounds during phonics and their high frequency words so that they are able to use them independently in their stories. We have written a fabulous selection of stories, lists and letters so far this year.

Part of the skill of writing is the ability to orally retell and act out the ideas they have for their stories. Everyone in Cuckoo class is amazing at this and they amaze both Shabana and I with their exceptional acting skills.

We also draw what we call a Story Map to help us plan out what we are going to write.


British Museum

Our first trip was to the British Museum to take part in an African Storytelling workshop. We took part in the workshop in the morning and learned all about the different African artefacts within the museum.

Learning through outdoor play

Exploring through play outside is key to learning in Reception. We learn a lot about turn taking, imaginative play and how to solve problems by playing outside.

Fire station trip

On Tuesday the 24th of January we visited the Walthamstow Fire Station to learn all about the important jobs our local fire fighters do. They talked to us about fire safety and the different equipment they use to help them fight fires. We even got to try on some of their safety gear and had the opportunity to go inside the fire truck and spray the fire hose!





Discover Centre Trip

On Tuesday the 7th of March we went on a trip to the Discover Centre in Stratford. They had a Dr Seuss exhibition that we had the opportunity to take part in where we were able to explore the wonderful world of Dr Seuss. It was fabulous and as the sun was shining we were also able to play and explore their fantastic outdoor playground. We can’t wait to use this to inspire our writing even more than it already is!



Our Dress up Day

On Friday the 24th February we had the opportunity to dress up as a character inspired by Dr Seuss. He is our author focus this term and we have been reading many of his books to inspire our writing and retelling skills.

We have been writing rhyming strings and exploring creative ways in which we can catch Thing 1 and thing 2 and that naughty Cat in the Hat!

Here are some fabulous photos of the children dressed up on the day: